What We Offer

A fun and welcoming experience that goes beyond the typical salon. You’ll find friendly, talented people committed to their work and giving you the best new look you deserve. Professional, stylish and fun!

Why We’re Different

Our People

We choose the best people to join our team. Our staff work together, train together, and learn from one another. We collaborate to make each other better, and to build a positive culture of teamwork and growth.

Creative Culture

Our staff are creative people who find inspiration everywhere. That’s why you’ll see books on travel, culture or history all around our space. We also host live music shows from emerging talents on special days and nights. And even our very own coffee shop to keep those salons conversations engaging and stimulating.


We strongly believe in helping the community. There’s a social conscience behind our brand. So we’ve taken part in charitable campaigns in the past and will continue to give back to community.